Weekly Newsletter, October 21, 2019

Dear 2A Families,

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.  We were so lucky to enjoy a dry day at Carleton Farm for our field trip.  We spent the remainder of the week reflecting on our field trip through many writing projects.  The students wrote about all that we saw at the farm and about their favorite part of the trip.  We also created a “How to Grow a Pumpkin” sequencing book.  In art, students made a pumpkin with various patterns, and finished a leaf art project.  In math, we completed Chapter 3 on subtraction by taking a test and solving word problems with fact families/part-part-whole.  We will continue practicing this concept.  Next week, we will move into place value.  We will practice counting by groups of ten with place value blocks.  This will help to set the foundation for our thinking in a couple of months when we begin to regroup tens and ones.  We will also work on skip counting by 2s and 5s.  Continue practicing addition and subtraction flashcards at home.  In reading, we read a non-fiction text titled Family Farm:  Then and Now.  In small groups, we are working on writing key details and the main idea from the text.  In science, we conducted an experiment on matter as it changes states.  We melted an ice cube and observed its progression from solid to liquid to gas.  We learned the words melts and vaporizes to describe our findings.  In religion, we learned about King David’s Psalms (songs) written to give thanks and praise to God.  We sang a few and read others to become familiar with the phrases in which we can use to give God thanks and praise.  We also learned about two great saints:  St. Theresa of Avila (October 15th) and St. Ignatius of Antioch (October 17th).  We will begin to discuss the Ten Commandments and the choices we make that hurt our friendship with God and with others.

Important Dates to Remember:

Friday, October 25th-Noon Dismissal for Accreditation.  Extension is open.  Students will eat a snack at school.  If your child will go to extension after school, please pack a lunch for them.

Friday, October 25th-Halloween Carnival.  Please see the school newsletter for more information about this community event!  Halloween costumes are not to be worn to school during the day, but are welcome at the carnival in the evening.  Wristbands are available for purchase through the school office.

Thursday, October 31st-Halloween/Dia de los Muertos!  Students may bring their costume to school to change into for the afternoon.  No weapons, no face masks, no make-up, no clowns.  Students must be able to independently “do” school in their costume.  We will have a small celebration in the afternoon.  I will send a sign-up invitation if I need any help!  We will also learn about Dia de los Muertos.

Friday, November 1st-All Saints Day!  Students are encouraged to dress up as a saint.  Saint costume ideas can be found here:



School rule:  If you dress up for Halloween, you must come dressed as a saint on November 1st.  Students attend the 11am Mass.  Students not wearing a costume on either day must be in their school uniform.  If you have questions, I am happy to help!


Library is every Thursday.  Please remember to return library books!

P.E. is every Tuesday and Thursday.  Please remember to wear athletic shoes.

I am still in need of a room parent or two.  Contact me if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity.  Thank you!

Have a terrific week!


Mrs. Nicole Martin

2nd Grade Teacher

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