Weekly Newsletter, October 28, 2019

Dear 2A Families,

We had a great week last week and enjoyed working on many projects.  In writing, we worked on publishing our leaf creature stories.  We worked through the whole writing process (draft, edit, revise, publish) to complete this project.  The students will share their story with you at our conference later in November.  In reading and spelling, we worked in small groups with the sounds of th-thimble and sh-ship.  We used picture books to search for sh words and worked in a group to write these on a whiteboard.  We also continued to work on reading fluently.  In math, students used place value blocks to discuss two-digit numbers.  We named numbers with Tens and Ones and worked to understand the word value.  We learned that the value of the digit is the amount in either the tens place or ones place.  In science, we discovered magnets and magnetic attraction.  We used the book Let’s Play by Henri Tullet to follow a line using a paper clip and a magnet.  It was a terrific opportunity for a hands-on experience!  In religion, we continued to learn about King David’s psalms of praise and thanksgiving.  We also learned the Glory to God prayer that we say at Mass.  Every day, we pray for special intentions and these prayers are very special.

Homework and Spelling-We will focus on the other consonant digraphs (ch, ck, and wh) this week with all of the short vowel sounds.  The Fall Report directions were sent home a couple of weeks ago.  Encourage your child to work on this piece by piece.  The due date is Friday, November 15th.  I am happy to help answer questions.

Peace Day is Tuesday, 10/29:  Students should wear their blue peace t-shirt or sweatshirt or full uniform.

Uniform Reminder: Please check the uniform policy.  I am noticing quite a few “infractions.”  It is linked here (pp. 15-18):  http://stmarym.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Parent-Student-Handbook-2019-2020-1.pdf

 Halloween is Thursday, 10/31:  We will have a Halloween gathering for the class next Thursday, October 31st in the 2A classroom from 1:45 to 2:30 p.m.  We are planning to have several activities for the 15 students in the class including: Pumpkin Cookie Decorating, Halloween Bingo with Candy Corn, Pumpkin decorating, and a movie!  Please use the sign-up link to sign-up for items for our party:


I will need 1-2 volunteers for the party.  Thank you!

Halloween and All Saints Day Expectations: (If you dress up for Halloween, you must dress up as a saint on All Saints Day Friday, November 1)

  • Students may come to school in the costume (no need to change mid-day).
  • Costumes are not mandatory. Participation is optional.
  • No masks
  • No weapons of any kind, including weapon replicas and toys, such as a light saber
  • No Clowns (I know this may seem extreme, but I would rather be cautious with all this scary clown over the past couple years.)
  • Light face paint is O.K. (Please don’t go overboard.)
  • The nature of the costume needs to appropriate for all grade levels. Please be mindful of the fit and length of costumes.
  • No mouth items, such as fake teeth and lips (We do not want to hinder a student’s ability to participate in class.)
  • Students will be participating in classes as normally scheduled. Therefore, if your child has P.E., please choose or alter a costume to allow a student to participate fully in required physical actions.
  • All hair dye, face paint, nail polish, etc. must be removed by the next day or a student will be subject to disciplinary action.

All Saints Day (11/1)-Dressing up for Halloween means dressing up for All Saints Day!  Come as your favorite saint for our Saint Parade in the gym before Mass at 11:00 a.m.  While today is First Friday, it will be FULL uniform if your child does not choose to dress as a saint.

  • Here are some ideas for Saint costumes:



Have a great week!


Mrs. Nicole Martin

2nd Grade Teacher

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